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About our school

About our school

Carramar Public School serves a culturally diverse community and receives funding support from the disadvantaged schools' program. Since its establishment in 1924, students have come from a mixture of public and private housing developments. Most students live within one kilometre of the school. The school community shares a commitment to providing a safe, stimulating environment where there is a focus on active participation in learning. The school motto "Learning To Live" reflects the ethos of our school.

History of Carramar Public School

Carramar's name comes from an aboriginal word meaning "shade of trees". The first land grant in the area was made by Governor King in 1803. When the railway station opened here in 1924 it was called South Fairfield. However, the area had been known as Carramar since at least the 1850s and the name of the station was changed to Carramar in 1926. A post office was opened the following year as the local population began to swell.

Carramar Public School formerly known as Villawood Public School was established in 1924 on land previously known as Mark Lodge Estate. The land was granted to James Gowan in 1816 for farming purposes. Subsequent owners were Captain John Horsley, Doctor William Bland and John Hamilton. The school fronted on the Carrington Street, now The Horsley Drive.

The original building consisted of two classrooms, each accommodating 45 pupils, together with hat room and verandah. The first teacher was Mr Thomas McDonald who was in temporary charge of the school with an enrolment of 96 pupils.

The current two storey building fronting The Horsley Drive (A block) was constructed in 1938 at a cost of $4000 when enrolments reached 250. When the Infants block (F block) opened in 1954 the number of pupils were:

Primary boys 310
Primary girls 294
Infants 401
Total 1009

In 1998 the name of the school was changed to Carramar Public School due to the confusion with the name of neighbouring schools, Villawood East and Villawood North.

The most recent anniversary celebrations were held in 2014, the school's 90th. 

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